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Misty Annual 1981The legend that was – Misty.

Misty, a Fleetway Annual produced by IPC Magazines,  was a very unusual thing – a supernatural horror comic aimed at young girls.  As a child I was always fascinated by the more shadowy things of this world, the more mysterious and less fluffy and pink the better.

I first found Misty not so much in a Cavern of Dreams, but in a box of old Beano comics. It was a rainy day at school and play-time had been cancelled, everyone was left kicking their heels in the classroom.

Leafing through those discarded comics I was immediately hooked – I mean these Misty Annual 1982comics were just what I had been looking for as a proto-gothy 10 year old.  I couldn’t believe that someone had thrown them out and they had ended up at school – I mean as soon as I saw them they were major ‘objects of desire’ to me – how they never found their way home with me I will never know!

Not only did the comics have weekly serials, one-off stories, but they also had short stories and factual articles about the supernatural and quirky historical facts – so the proto-history geek in me was also happy.  I think what I loved most was that the stories didn’t peddle the line that there was always a happy ending…things often ended badly for the heroines of Misty stories.

Misty Annual 1983 It was only a minor set back to discover that the weekly comic had long gone – it only lasted for 101 issues between 1978 – 1980 so I was too late for that feast of the macabre.  But, Misty still graced the world in the form of her Annuals and for the next four years no Christmas was complete without my Misty Annual.

Misty Annual 1984

Nothing lasts for ever though, and eventually I traded in my Misty annuals in exchange for some more ‘grown up’ horror novels at local second-hand book shop.

It didn’t take me long to regret it, and now I am re-claiming my Misty collection bit by bit.   Even after all this time they are still great stories. And although the Misty Annual is no more, you can still read some of the complete stories online thanks to Egmont who now own the Misty copyright. Stories appear on the official Misty website: