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Halloween a time for ghosts, ghouls and …..Cabaret!

Halloween-2013-for-the-websiteI love Halloween and all things ghastly and ghoulish and I was looking about for something to get me in the Halloween mood when I came across Boulevard’s Halloween Show.

Boulevard is a cabaret show in Newcastle, and one of the best nights out in the Toon.  A group of us decided to go to the Halloween show after having a stonking good time at a Broadway revue the troupe did a few months ago.  OMG what a night!  Almost everyone who goes to Boulevard spends the first few numbers getting over their initial sense of amazement that the cast are ALL men, yes, even Glinda the Good Witch (how pretty was she!)

Miss Rory

Miss Rory

The evening is compered by the utterly divine Miss Rory, whose acid tongue lashes the audience one by one – no one is safe!  Throughout the night Miss Rory keeps the audience in their place (which is clearly somewhere way beneath her glorious eminence!) and her acerbic repartee keeps everyone in stitches.  The brave can even get a photo with Miss R if they dare!

The show opened with a barnstorming number from The Nightmare Before Christmas with  lycra clad dancers prancing through the audience dressed to kill (literally!)  The programme contained scenes from Chicago, the Rocky Horror Show (with the whole audience reciting every word along with the cast!), a stunning rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller topped off the Halloween element to the show.

The Grand Finale was a very very tongue in cheek (Tongue in butt-cheek at times I think!) but affectionate performance of The Wizard of Oz that had the whole audience buzzing.


Betty Legs Diamond as Dorothy

The utterly fabulous Betty Legs Diamond is the undoubted star of the show (I won’t be uncouth and mention the lady’s age – but high kicks and the caterpillar at her age – WOW!)   Betty has a pretty impressive pedigree, she won the Carl Alan Best Theatre Coach/Choreographer 2011 Award Winner and has performed in the West End of London, in the Royal Variety Show (in front of the Queeg and Prince Phillis no less!) and was in Funny Girls show in Blackpool for many years.

This is a great night out: hilarious and entertaining and with great dancers and fabulous routines.  Expect to be dancing in the aisle and singing until you are hoarse.

If there are any tickets left for the Halloween show (the night I went was a sell-out) you can buy them on the Boulevard website, otherwise you will just have to wait for the Christmas show!


Here are a few of my photos of the show, apologies if some are blurry but I took them on my phone!  (Boulevard allow photographs of the shows, but not videos).



Rocky Horror Show

Rocky Horror Show

Thriller 1


Thriller 2


Thriller 3

Zombie Attack


Wizard of Oz


Wizard of Oz


The cowardly lion humps Dorothy’s leg – oo-er missus!


Dorothy gives Glinda a piece of her mind!


Miss Rory gets elevated


Ding dong the witch is dead!