The Haunted Palace Blog Collection book series

Own your own little piece of the Haunted Palace Blog. Lenora and Miss Jessel have selected and revised some of their favourite blog posts and compiled them for your delectation. Each book also contains specially commissioned art, photographs and engravings from the Haunted Palace Collection, as well as national collections.

The Haunted Mirror: history, folklore and the supernatural from the haunted palace blog – Volume 1

The Haunted Mirror_Volume 1

Did you know that a prodigious palace once stood in the London Borough of Wanstead and Woodford but a dissolute Earl threw it all away, leaving his heart-broken wife to haunt its ruins forever? Or that Victorian tourists flocked to the grim spectacle provided by the Paris Morgue – the best free theatre in town? Or that a murderous jester is reputed to have lured people to their deaths at a castle in Cumbria and that an entire town nearly danced itself to death in the fourteenth century? Join us as we explore a past populated by highwaymen, murderers, eccentrics, and lost souls.

Published 18 May 2021

Paperback £5.99

Kindle £1.99

Available now on Amazon: The Haunted Mirror: History, Folklore and the Supernatural from the Haunted Palace Blog: ., Lenora, Jessel, Miss: 9798505220504: Books

The Haunted Mirror: history, folklore and the supernatural from the haunted palace blog – Volume 2

Join us for more dark history and folklore from the Haunted Palace Blog. Discover the tales of rogues and vagabonds, from the romantic to the ruthless, and the downright incompetent. Meet inventors and eccentrics, from the Elizabethan scientist killed by a chicken to the quack doctor who electrified Georgian society with his theories about sex.

Come face to face with vampires, mermaids and pixies and find out what grisly secrets are hidden away in farms and manor houses across England’s green and pleasant land. Rediscover some of history’s forgotten stories, such as the female sheriff of Lincoln who successfully defended a castle against an unrelenting opponent and the mysterious dancing manias that gripped medieval Northern Europe and threw whole communities into turmoil and chaos.

Published 26 October 2021

Paperback: £7.99

Kindle: £2.99

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