All the written content on this site is my own work (and/or the work of contributors to this blog) and copyrighted to me so please ask before using elsewhere.  The exception to this is where I have reproduced the works of other authors/scriptwriter’s or poets (living and dead) – in each case copyright has either lapsed or I have sought the author’s permission.  Where this has not been possible I have attributed the author in the ‘Sources’ section of each post.

In relation to the ghost stories reproduced here, many of them are sourced from the Project Gutenberg and details of their license can be found here:

Most of the photographs on this site are my own and if you wish to reproduce them, so long as it’s not for personal gain, please contact me.  Where images is not my own it will either be attributed to the creator or be public domain, again,  help yourself so long as it isn’t for reasons of personal gain.  (Where copyright status is not clear I have attributed the source of the image).

Some images have been obtained via Wiki-Media and you can find out more about the copyright license of each image by clicking it.

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