The Haunted Palace Blog has recently been collaborating with the excellent Voices from the North East Podcast.

Voices from the North East is a social history podcast that, in the words of its founder Paul, is dedicated to “Sharing the stories of the North East from the people who lived them. [..] the small stories of life in North East England which makes up its rich history.”

Paul is also an avid fan of the ghost story and local folklore, which is how our paths crossed over on instagram. This led to a collaboration to produce a Special Edition for Halloween and another, in the best tradition of Christmas ghost stories, for Christmas Eve.

You can listen to Voices from the North East podcast free via anchor.fm/voicesfromthenortheast it’s also available on free on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Join us for some seasonal chills:

Christmas Spooky Special 2021

Join Lenora (Sylvia) as she discussed the legend of the Alnwick Vampire and the lore surrounding vampires and medieval revenants.

Halloween Special 2021

Find out all about the folklore of the Wallsend Witches, and discover the real witch of Wallsend when Lenora (Sylvia) chats to Paul of Voices from the North East.

Both tales are also available in our books, ‘The Haunted Mirror, History, Folklore and the Supernatural from the Haunted Palace Blog’, volumes 1 and 2 out now on Amazon in paperback or kindle: